Ex-Italian referee Chiesa: 'De Vrij foul on Immobile was a red card...'

17 February at 15:35
Former Italian referee Massimo Chiesa discussed the officiating in Lazio’s key 2-1 win over Inter and Juventus’ 2-0 victory over Brescia in an interview with Italian media outlet Calciomercato.com today.
Lazio-Inter: Gianluca Rocchi 6.5 (VAR: Paolo Mazzoleni). The referee Rocchi did very well. The Lazio’s penalty was correct, it's evident and it's not a light contact, on the contrary: de Vrij pushes Immobile with two arms. The foul was a red card as Lazio's forward was about to shoot, it was a clear opportunity. Impeccable Rocchi for when he didn't award the penalty for a tackle between Luiz Felipe and Young in the Lazio penalty area, the defender touched the ball, the resulting contact was minimal and not such as to justify that kind of fall. The referee's officiating was good, it could tough from one moment to the next but he kept under control without any problems.”
Chiesa then discussed the officiating in Juventus’ important win over strugglers Brescia.
Juventus-Brescia: Daniele Chiffi 5 (VAR: Piero Giacomelli). A clear yellow is missing for Cuadrado, for a tough foul on Bisoli, the Colombian never commits with his foot but the yellow would have been right. The two cards are correct for Ayé.”

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Apollo Heyes


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