Exclusive - Berlusconi: 'Disappointed by AC Milan, Giampaolo is Galliani's fault'

22 September at 23:00
In an exclusive interview with Calciomercato.com, former AC Milan president and owner Silvio Berlusconi spoke about the Rossoneri's start to the season, which has disappointed many.

How did you see the derby last night?

"We are not talking about Milan, we look ahead. I can't follow them on television anymore, after a while the Rossoneri's style started to disappoint me."
Yet you said Milan chose Giampaolo also because of your advice?
"No, I didn't recommend him, he recommended him (laughing, he points to Galliani). It's his fault. No, we didn't really recommend him. Milan chose him and he appeared to be a very good manager. I don't know him, I can't give any judgment on him."

He wants a playmaker in his ideal formation. Does Suso convince you?

"He is a great champion, he must play as a second striker or behind the two strikers. However, they must put him in a position to receive the ball, something that has not happened so far."

What do you think about Boban and Maldini as directors?

"Let's move on to the next question... I'm just saying that I've been supporting them as players."


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