Exclusive: Correa's agent changes his plans amid AC Milan-Atletico talks, the details

Exclusive: Correa's agent changes his plans amid AC Milan-Atletico talks, the details
2019-15-08 - 09:15
One step after another, nobody wants to make a half-turn mistake. The Angel Correa operation ended up on a very thin thread that can change everything in five minutes. His agent, August Jimenez, was expected in Milano in the past few hours before there was a new program designed specifically with Milan.

There was no direct encounter with the Rossoneri but telephone contact. On that occasion, it was Paolo Maldini who explained that precisely because the agreement between Correa and Milan has been there for weeks, the idea of the club is not to go beyond their offer of 40 million euros plus bonuses. A choice also made due to the lack of sales. Should something change in this sense, then who knows what can happen.

This is why Correa's agent flew to Madrid instead yesterday evening ready to confront between today and tomorrow with Atletico. There is no time to lose. Correa and his entourage will ask the management to be released at a lower price than the requested 50 million euros because the player's will is to go to Milan.

However, Angel will not reach the break. The relationship with Atletico is very good, as well as with the sporting director Berta who believed in him even after his heart problem, while Simeone keeps telling him that he would gladly keep him and there is great respect between the two.

But Correa will try to insist through his agent to get the green light with total respect and Milan are waiting for the next move. Because Maldini and Boban know that to take Rodrigo from Valencia, Atletico must numerically sell someone, it is a question of liquidity. But as of now, there is a hard line from Berta: 50 million or Correa remains. Milan believe and hope that it is a matter of time until their waiting tactic prevails.