Exclusive, Costacurta: 'Piatek solved Milan's problems but he is a problem now...'

17 May at 21:15
Former AC Milan star Alessandro Costacurta today stopped by the Milan office of CalcioMercato.com to discuss several topics; including his former club Milan.

What is missing from today's Milan?

"I‚Äčt's a team that has little depth, let's call it psychological, mental. It was a roller coaster season, up and down. They have gone from being the team that played better to the one that had a great defence, to the one that no longer wins. First there was Higuain, who didn't work, then Piatek seemed to have solved all problems, now the Pole is a problem. In this scenario it is important to have a structure, to have an experience in dealing with difficult times. 

Milan is a team that does not have this kind of background. In addition, obviously someone does not respect the rules. Milan must take two or three players on the market, considering the personality rather than the technical aspect. I compare my Milan to the current Juve. Juve chooses the best players considering their technical value but also their professionalism. This is one of the Juve forces of today: there are 8-9 players who enforce the rules. Juve in Italy are textbook, with Inter on the right track."

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