Exclusive: Higuain and the Juve farewell - four possibilities for the future

19 April at 12:30
Gonzalo Higuain and Juventus are further away from each other. In fact, between the thoughts of extending his stay in Argentina and the anxiety about the Coronavirus, the striker feels that his relationship with the club is no longer what it used to be.

Therefore, as our reporter Fabrizio Romano states, Higuain could face another transfer in the summer. El Pipita has understood that the departure is now a real possibility, also because his contract will expire in 2021 and the renewal talks have been postponed due to the Coronavirus. 

Higuain and his entourage have started to look around for other possibilities, should the departure become reality. The striker weighs on the Bianconeri's budget with a salary of €15m gross per year and this factor must also be considered.

In the summer, Juve will evaluate solutions to include him in swap deals. To date, however, Italian clubs aren't too keen on Higuain, which is why the Turin side will have to look abroad. Then there is always the chance that he gets sold in a single operation.

There have been inquiries from non-European clubs: from Qatar to LA Galaxy and a return to River Plate. In other words, we could be in for an interesting market saga.

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