Exclusive: Juve's Klopp temptations revealed but millionaire renewal ready at Liverpool

Exclusive: Juve's Klopp temptations revealed but millionaire renewal ready at Liverpool
2019-09-05 - 10:05
There are nights that can change a life. Ask Jurgen Klopp, who never looked terrified by the idea of not winning a trophy in such an extraordinary season and rewarded by his incredible Liverpool side with a crazy comeback that was worth the Champions League final.

He sang under the Kop like a boy, smiled with enthusiasm and never hides the playful side of a game that he never took seriously. Today, he is among the most desired coaches around the world, with Juventus being the Italian team that gave us the most concrete thoughts, a two-month-old story that never took off.

Before deciding to give the highest priority to the renewal of Allegri and even before the elimination with Ajax, Jurgen Klopp was a name extensively observed and on top of Agnelli's wishlist. Even more than Pep Guardiola.

Klopp loves Italian football, Andrea Agnelli has been a fan of his since his Dortmund days and the temptation has become almost natural for a coach of his level.

But Juventus never went beyond an approach, there was no outlet for any negotiation or concrete talks. The reason is a pact with Liverpool that has taken force week after week, match after match.

In fact, the Reds had received ample guarantees on an imminent renewal of a five-year contract by breaching the wall of 10 million euros per season plus bonuses, only expected to see how the season will end, with the title race in the Premier League still not decided and the comeback against Barcelona securing the Champions League final for Liverpool.

Thus, a new contract is ready for Klopp with a record salary, that worth of a top player. So far, Jurgen has not given any other signal than to continue with the Reds, with the manager focused on the season finale and enthusiastic about the Liverpool project.

Juventus have already understood for months that there is no room for dialogue and is waiting to meet Allegri, with Klopp signing a renewal in the next couple of weeks to cement his position at Anfield Road.