Exclusive: Macheda and that episode with Ronaldo at Manchester United

(Foto: Michael Regan / GETTY IMAGES)
07 November at 15:45
We have made an exclusive interview with Federico Macheda, Italian former Manchester United player under Sir Alex Ferguson. What kind of match will Juventus-Manchester United be? “I expect an intense and full of quality match. Juventus is superior but the United needs points and so it will be a good match”. Which one is been the key for Juventus success? “Juventus have built a winning mentality for years, have maintained key players and kept on taking other ones even more important. Then I think that Allegri is one of the best in managing the group and you can see how the team turns: everyone who comes in the pitch gives his best and makes the difference to build up a great team”. How can you explain the problems of Manchester United in this season? “I think that the United market has affected both the group and the coach: everyone expected important newcomers that did not arrive. They have a good team but it’s not not the squad we used to see on the top of European football a few years ago. By the way, I think they will have a good season even if they will hardly win titles against teams that are stronger than they are, both in the Premier League and in the Champions League”. You have played with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. Is he the right man to help Juventus winning the Champions League? “I know Cristiano well and I'm happy he came to Italy: he brought his great winning mentality in an environment that was already accustomed to the victories. I think that, with Ronaldo playing for them, this could be the good year for Juventus to win the Champions! When you have Cristiano in your side, you always start at 1-0”. Do you have any particular memory of Cristiano? “I have so many memories, the most significant maybe it was the day of my debut with Manchester United. After the match, where I scored the goal of 3-2 and he had scored a double, he received a bottle as the man of the match. He wanted to give it to me, but I refused because I already have had one. But it was a very nice gesture from an idol like him”. Who will you support tonight, Juventus or Manchester United? “I will root for a spectacular match between two great teams with lots of goals!”
Emanuele Giulianelli @EmaGiulianelli


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