Exclusive: Milan, Paletta's agent is set to arrive in Italy

Exclusive: Milan, Paletta's agent is set to arrive in Italy
2017-23-03 - 23:15
2018 won't be an easy year for Milan as they have numerous players who's contract will be expiring then. Donnarumma, De Siglio, Suso are the main priorities but Gabriel Paletta is also an important player for Milan and his contract will also be expiring in 2018. 

HIS AGENT IS ARRIVING IN ITALY - Paletta came back to Milan after a loan spell at Atalanta and he has been very good for the rossoneri club. At 31 years old he brings a lot of Serie A experience and he helped Romagnoli develop this past season. His past physical issues are behind him as he seems to be in great shape. According to Calciomercato.com sources, his agent Martin Guastadisegno is expected to arrive in Italy towards the end of April or at the latest at the beginning of May as he will have discussions concerning his client with the Milan management. 

GALLIANI OR SES ? - If the Milan sale fails to occur and Galliani stays on as the Milan general manager, then a contract renewal should get done easily. A deal between Galliani and Paletta's agent has already been agreed upon as he would renew his deal with Milan for a season (till 2019) with a slight salary increase. Why isn't it a done deal? Because Fassone and MIrabelli have blocked the negotiations since they aren't convinced to give a 31 year old a contract extension. Their position on the matter has started to change considering Paletta's good performances and it seems like a deal will be found in any case between the involved parties (with SES or with Galliani). As his agent is set to arrive in Italy, Paletta's future is set to stay red and black. 

By Federico Albrizio, adapted and translated by Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)