Exclusive: The transfer fee of Barella-Inter changes; how much he will cost

12 July at 09:30
Nicolò Barella is set to join Inter, but how much will he really cost? The Nerazzurri were absolutely convinced of closing the deal, also because of Conte's admiration, but the figures have changed slightly after the last contacts with Cagliari, as learned by CM's Fabrizio Romano.
The operation will eventually be structured in this way: Inter will pay €12m to Cagliari immediately for the loan, while an additional €25m will be paid next year for the obligation to buy included in the contract.
However, there are also bonuses involved. To the €37m that Cagliari have already secured, another €8m could be added in easily reachable bonuses, linked to the player's presence over the course of the season.
Furthermore, yet another €5m could end up in the coffer of Cagliari from future bonuses, which are more difficult to reach. Today, the midfielder will sign a contract until 2023 with the club, as his desire becomes reality.

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