Exclusive: The truth about Sanchez to Inter and Icardi stalemate

22 August at 09:30
Alexis Sanchez believes he can really become a new Inter Milan player. This scenario gained momentum over the weekend and seemed to be a matter of hours, although no medicals or airport arrivals have been set. For this reason, yesterday rumours arrived from Chile of the operation being at risk.

The reality, however, as learned by Calciomercato.com, is that the Nerazzurri are still in direct negotiations with Manchester United also through the agent of the player Felicevich and the parties are negotiating about the division of the salary to be paid by each club. We are talking about a player with very high and important figures which is why it is a difficult deal technically speaking but there are no problems between the parties.

Inter are showing total tranquillity in regards to the Sanchez deal. The club feels confident that it will be able to close the purchase but at the moment there are still some details to be defined; every aspect of a delicate agreement of the loan deal (for free or almost) as well as the right of redemption (more than 15 million euros), the salary divided (very expensive), the contract to be agreed with the Chilean from June 2020, must be finalized.

The situation of Mauro Icardi, instead, is totally frozen. In the last hours, no communication has arrived on the idea of accepting Napoli. President De Laurentiis is irritated and does not intend to wait forever. The situation is beginning to overheat, just like it did with Roma. That's why in this case, Inter has no certainties. He sees Juve on the horizon but not at his table. And today it is not enough, far from it.
Fabrizio Romano
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