Exclusive: Why Chelsea, Milan target wants to leave Juventus

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13 July at 14:15
Leonardo Bonucci’s reported to Milan isn’t a sudden development, but the result of ill feeling between the Italian star and Juventus.  

As we can confirm, the Chelsea and Manchester City target had told Juventus back in January that he wanted to try something new.

The Premier League is a big magnet, while an improved salary would also help, as is the wish to prove that he’s the best even outside of Juventus.

With his agent talking to Milan, Bonucci isn’t expressing a new feeling, but a tension with Coach Max Allegri, with whom the rapport never truly took off.

When the two were found bickering and yelling at each other at the end of the February win over Palermo, it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Things came to a head as Juventus were thrashed 4-1 in Cardiff by Real Madrid, with Bonucci arguing with his Coach at half-time.

With the rest of the locker room (Andrea Barzagli) also glaring at Bonucci, the Bianconeri are going to have to deal with an angry icon, but also the youngest member of the BBC.

@EdoSiddi, adapted by @EdoDalmonte


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