FIFA Rankings: Italy surpasses Germany

Mancini Italia inno
19 September at 13:30
There have been changes for FIFA’s international rankings for the month of September. After successes in the international break, Italy have rose from 16th to 15th place with 1583 points, ahead of Germany and Chile.
Belgium remain firmly at the top with 1752 points, with World Cup holders France in second, leaving Brazil in third. Outside of the top ten, the Netherlands have gained two positions to rise to 13th place behind Switzerland and Mexico, ahead of Denmark.
Here is the top 10:
1. Belgium 1752 points
2. France 1725 points (+1)
3. Brazil 1719 points (-1)
4. England 1652 points
5. Portugal 1643 points (+1)
6. Uruguay 1639 points (-1)
7. Spain 1631 points (+2)
8. Croatia 1625 points (-1)
9. Colombia 1622 points (-1)
10. Argentina 1614 points

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