Fiorentina, Commisso: 'I wish the fans whistled me, not the team'

01 December at 10:40

Rocco Commisso,  president of  Fiorentina,  spoke in a mixed zone of feelings after the match against Lecce:

"Today's defeat was different, the boys did their best, they fought. I am with them, if you criticize someone do it with me. There is no news, I'm sorry for Ribery getting injured as well as Chiesa".

"Today we played well. What explanation do I give? Look at the past matches, we made progress, I liked the team. I tell people to blame me, let's think about Tuesday that there is another game". 

Commisso then spoke of the pressure on manager Montella:

"I trust in  Montella and  already said that I have to watch every game and how to get to the result,i t's not fair to whistle boys, they have to whistle me. The ranking is ugly, but this is life."

"Ribery? Tomorrow we will know more."

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Anthony Privetera


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