Football Leaks, Psg hit back at accusations: 'No problem if we buy Jesé, but Neymar and Mbappé...'

03 November at 11:15
Psg’s general secretary Victor Mariano responded to the accusations emerged after the last the Football Leak scandal:

"I can only say that PSG haven't cheated and there is no fraud," Mariano told Marca.
"We haven't deceived anyone, UEFA has all our contracts from the beginning, since 2014. All contracts, their duration, the amount per season. In 2014 you could say that the contract from the Qatar Tourist Board was not valid, but they said it was fine and accepted the amounts until 2019. PSG made their projections based on that. If you buy Jese for an exorbitant price, there is no problem, but if you buy Neymar and Mbappe..."


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