From England: UEFA scandal as top 11 vote was changed for Ronaldo

16 January at 12:00
Ronaldo wasn't there, but now he is. This is the background that Daily Mail has revealed, explaining that the Portuguese star wasn't supposed to be in the UEFA team of the year, but was added in the last minute. In other words, the so-called fan vote was tampered with.
Ronaldo, Messi, Mane and Lewandowski. This was the attack presented to us in the team of the year when UEFA announced the result of the vote. However, instead of the Juventus star, Kante was chosen by the fans for the 4-3-3 before UEFA changed to a 4-2-4.

One less midfielder to include Ronaldo, the fourth most voted striker in the world. This is the accusation made by the English newspaper, which of course has sparked a debate on social media about the integrity of UEFA.

The announcement, initially, was scheduled for last week, but the decision on Ronaldo and subsequent manoeuvres caused a delay. In other words, the striker has a very big influence and above all popularity within the organisation.

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