Galliani on his future at AC Milan: ‘everything has an end’

01 October at 15:09
AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has released an interview with Radio Deejay and has been asked about his future at the club which is being put under serious doubt by pretty much all Italian papers.

“I don’t want to think about the future until the closing. I know what to do until that day. The president has been trusting me for 27 years.”

“When Ariedo Braida left the club in 2013, we set up a network of scouts and AC Milan has a proper structure now. I know that it’s all good when the team win and that everything is bad when we lose, but that’s not how it has to be. I was the one to choose Umberto Gandini and I think he has made a great career, like all the other people I’ve picked.”

“Everything has a start and an end, but I think there aren’t a more enduring football chiefs than I.”

Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto


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