Giampaolo, 'Sarri is one of the best, the dream is to have fun training a team'

17 June at 21:45

Marco Giampaolo, former coach of Sampdoria, who is soon expected to be announced head coach of Milan, was today by the Italian Football Coaches Association of Arezzo with the Golden Helm. Giampaolo spoke to the press about Samp, Sarri and Serie A amongst other topics.
"Samp? They were three intense, formative years, where I had the chance to work in the construction of an idea, a footballing thought. The club put me in the ideal conditions to train and I was lucky enough to be a coach important players, who even today are in the best clubs in Italy and Europe. So it was educational, all in an environment where you can work really well ".
"Maurizio [Sarri] is one of the best football coaches in Europe, he is a scholar, he is a researcher, he has done it himself. He dedicated his life to football, in search of innovations, there is great esteem from my part, and he deserved all that he has conquered. He and Conte return after an important experience abroad, we are talking about two coaches who have shown it in a tangible way ".
"The Italian championship has become more difficult in recent years, the mentality with which coaches play games has changed, even the small ones have taken on the right mentality. Then the difference is always made by top-level players, but sometimes the ideas can reduce the gap ".
"The National Under 21 team is made up of players who play well in their respective clubs, a sign that from this point of view the clubs have invested more in the skills of young people. Last night's game proved it, against a very strong team. Positive or negative experiences must be put to good use, commonplaces and difficulties are created along the way, but we must never lose sight of who you are.
"The Champions League is never a simple competition, England wins but I don't know if it's a question of economic availability, it could be.”
"The dream? It has always been to have fun training a football team. When this loses the playful aspect and becomes heavy, there are problems. Being able to train ‘having fun’ is already a dream and I always chase that condition there ".
"Coaches give everything for the club where they work, they consume themselves. It is always the passion to dominate, betrayal is an ancient concept".


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