Guardiola-Juve, the bianconeri cross their fingers as Man City risk a one year UCL ban

13 May at 22:20
Pep Guardiola's Manchester City just recently won the EPL league title as they beat out Liverpool in what was a very close race. Even if this is great news for City fans, there are some negative news that recently came out. An investigation into misled financial reports sees Man City at risk of receiving a one year UCL ban, this according to the NY Times. 

City have been under investigation for some time now as members of the UEFA investigatory chamber recently came to a decision. A one year UCL ban suggestion seems to be a possibility as this would be a big time punishment for Man City and their rich owners. Earlier this year, City rebuffed the idea that they declared any 'irregular financial activities' as they might soon again be under the spotlight. 

If this were to occur, this would certainly open the door to some possible exits. As we reported earlier on, Juve have been linked to Pep Guardiola as a UCL ban might be the bianconeri's only chance to get him. With Max Allegri's Juve future in doubt, UEFA can have a big say on the matter with their future actions. More to come soon...


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