Guardiola to Juve? For now, it’s only a bargain for speculators

24 May at 19:00
Guardiola to Juventus it’s a good bargain for speculators, at least for now. Social media can’t really talk about anything else these days, especially in Italy, and Juventus fans are dreaming of seeing the Man City boss sitting on the Old Lady’s bench from next season.
The Premier League champions have strongly denied the reports of an agreement between Juve and Guardiola and for now only speculators are winning. Several media in Italy, in fact, report that the CONSOB is investigating over the news about Guardiola to Juventus as the Serie A giants are one of the clubs that have shares that can be bought, listed on stock markets.

Imagine that I am an investor who buys Juventus’ shares for € 1.30 each before the Guardiola news becomes public causing a huge increment of the value of the club in the stock market. At this point, I can sell my shares for a higher price. But that’s an illegal practice if I am the person who releases the news to the media. Now CONSOB wants to know now who is doing it.

I am not saying Guardiola won’t arrive to Juventus. Anything can happen after the Ronaldo deal. Last year Juventus’ value on the stock market was 0.7-0.75 and when the signing of CR7 was confirmed by the club the value of the Bianconeri increased by over 50%. Guardiola can join Juventus but for now someone is surely releasing false information to gain money with Juventus’ stocks. Speculators. The only winners in the deal so far.

CONSOB can contact the banks that authorized the transactions and see who bought Juventus’ stocks before the Guardiola new was made public. Despite that, it won’t be easy to identify the responsible of the agiotage who usually buy stocks through foreign companies that do not belong to them. Juventus are one of the top 40 companies in Italy’s stock exchange and it’s very strange to see such a rated company having so many highs and lows, only based, sometimes, on whether Guardiola was in Milan or not. No coincidence, in fact, that the value of Juve on the stock market had a dramatic decline yesterday when Man City denied the reports of an agreement with Pep. If Guardiola to Juve going to happen? Hard but possible. For sure, however, speculators are the only winners in this situation. At least for now.
Attilio Rapaci


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