Higuain: 'I used to not go out because I feared criticism. Never imagined even 10% of what I have done'

Higuain deluso Chelsea
21 April at 12:30
Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuain spoke in an interview with ESPN, especially about his life off the pitch and some aspects of life that only a footballer can understand.

"I have always regretted having taken refuge at home and not having gone out on the street just out of the fear what critics could have told me. There are people who do evil and bad things with an uncovered face without shame," he said.

"We, who have not killed anyone, who always do things well, who only practice a sport, cannot go out? People always say 'with the money they earn...', but you can't buy friends. I have been spending birthdays and Christmases with different people for 14 years.

"I want to see my mother but it's a 15-hour trip by plane for her. Obviously, I can pay for the ticket but I don't have her 10 minutes from me. What do they see? Just that you score goals because they pay us for it. They judge us only if we score, it seems a bit exaggerated but I am recovering from this.

"I am in a phase of my life in which nothing hurts me a lot. I suffered. Even if you do not enter social media, you will still get criticism. I played in the best leagues, in the best teams, three World Cups and one Copa America. When I was 5 I never imagined even 10% of this and instead, I got it. Why should I worry about what they say?," Higuain concluded.
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