Ibrahimovic considers retirement but Gazidis wants to convince him to stay: the latest

Ibrahimovic considers retirement but Gazidis wants to convince him to stay: the latest
2020-24-03 - 12:30
Among all the uncertainties amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, there is also that of the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at AC Milan and perhaps also on football fields in general. As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via milanlive.it), the Swedish attacker is concretely considering a departure from the San Siro but also from professional football as a whole.

After the departure of Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini also being increasingly in the balance, there could be a dangerous domino effect in the Milan environment. What motivations could push Ibrahimovic to remain without his trusted men?

A situation that is pushing the superstar straight towards retirement. This is an idea that actually already flashed in the player's head last fall but it was precisely Boban and Maldini who touched the right ropes and convinced him to dive back into a new exciting adventure.

And now, more than ever, the though is back. And beyond the executive revolution at the club, also because of the Coronavirus pandemic itself. In the sense that the health emergency has rekindled his doubt about the possibility of spending another whole year away from his wife and children, considering that they are currently based in Sweden.

Thus, the Swede is considering more and more the idea of hanging his shoes on the nail. The last possibility remains Ivan Gazidis, who, despite everything, would look favourably on his extension considering the numbers shown since his arrival. And it would seem that the CEO is willing to derogate from the 'salary cap' in order to keep Ibrahimovic. The final word, however, will go to the attacker.