Icardi case: Wanda Nara breaks down in tears on tv program, Marotta calls live

18 February at 09:30
Scenes on Italian tv as Mauro Icardi’s agent and wife Wanda Nara was hosted by Tiki Taka where she spoke about the case related to the Argentinean striker: “We had no doubts about attending the game”, Wanda Nara said. “We are Inter fans and Mauro’s dad was there too”.

“Yesterday morning I woke up to take my son a football game and you all know what happened (unknown people threw a stone at her car while she was driving). I didn’t want to make it public, but once I reported it, it became something of public dominion. Mauro was resting. I called a person I know at Inter, which is my family. Five minutes later Marotta called me, he helped me and we did what we had to”.

CAPTAIN – “Without the armband, Mauro feels like he is without a leg. He’s never thought about money, he is proud to wear this shirt as well as the captain armband. He did everything he could to honor it. It was a surprise for me, I knew it from Twitter”.

MORATTI –“I thanked him for his nice words. Mauro was feeling really bad. I asked him if he can help us, we need to solve this”.

At this point, when Wanda was in tears, Marotta called the TV program live: “We want everyone to be serene. It was a disciplinary decision. The head of the family must take some decision because sons must grow up. Mauro is 25 and he can still grow. I explained why Icardi wasn’t called up against Samp. I am sorry to see Wanda cry but she needs to understand that everything we do is for Mauro’s good. They must accept like fans must do, our decisions”.

“Soon we’ll meet to offer a new contract which Wanda and Mauro can either accept or decline. This has nothing to do with the choice on the captain armband. I want to reassure Icardi, nothing has been wasted, Forza Inter”.


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