Icardi out for his fault, not Wanda’s: Marotta did the same with Pogba

13 February at 17:30
Inter have decided to remove Mauro Icardi as the team’s captain today and have also left him out from the squad that will face Rapid Wien tomorrow.

Wanda has nothing to do with it. Agents do their job, some of them do it well, some others don’t. Here, the problem is not Wanda but Icardi, a player who is hiding behind his manager and wife and a club. A club can’t be hostage of a player, not even if he is the best in the world. Maurito should prove his qualities on the pitch and not with words.

This is not a typical Inter decision. This is a typical decision of Marotta. A couple of years ago, he did the same at Juve when Pogba wasn’t training properly. The Frenchman remained out of the squad for a few games and the decision was backed by Max Allegri.
That’s what a football club does. It’s the club that decides the rules, not the other way around. This is a crucial turning point for Inter. From now, whoever will speak with them will know that they are a real club. Not like before.

Alberto Polverosi, adapted by Lorenzo Bettoni


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