Ince slams Manchester United: 'Pogba, Rashford, Lukaku: so-called great players ...'

12 April at 13:30
Former England midfielder Paul Ince spoke to Paddy Power News after the club’s 1-0 home defeat against Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Ince ripped into 3 players in particluar: "In a game like that, you expect so-called great players like Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku to make something happen. You look at them to make the team work. But it didn’t materialise. In particular, Pogba had another bad day: I didn't expect it, seeing how he's playing lately, and Lukaku was once again not able to score: He spent most of his time out on the wing, he just needs to play between the two goal posts.What use is Lukaku as a winger?"

“It was disappointing. They never had a go at Barcelona or tried to, in such a massive game where the fans are up for it. It’s a sad sight that at Old Trafford, in the Champions League, United aren’t having a shot on target. That Barcelona team were probably expecting a different performance from United.”


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