Inter and AC Milan, Guaineri: 'Reasonable to reduce San Siro to 20,000 seats with one ring'

02 December at 16:45
Councillor for Sport of the City of Milan, Roberta Guaineri, explained the idea of reducing the San Siro in size to only one ring with 20 thousand seats in an interview at the 'the important thing is to equalise' conference today, with Italian news outlet ANSA via reporting his words.
“It is reasonable to reduce San Siro to a single ring with a capacity of about 20 thousand spectators. Our positions are very clear. They are positive positions for everyone, for the city and for the teams. I think common sense will prevail in the end.”
Guaineri then touched on the idea of making the San Siro a women’s football stadium, an idea that has been floating around since the announcement that the stadium wouldn’t be demolished.
“So, it seems enormous to me, having two stadiums, one with 70 thousand and one with 60 thousand seats, one next to the other does not seem reasonable to me. Surely, however, women's football is one of the sports that is gaining more popularity for sponsors and the public. So, having a facility designed not only for women's football but for all sports, including women's, I think it's a good thing. From the point of view of economic sustainability, I have not yet made assessments, but we will go into the matter in the coming weeks.”

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Apollo Heyes


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