Inter and Milan’s new stadium set to be named by sponsors as San Siro is set to be demolished

27 March at 14:00

Inter and Milan have not changed their minds. The project for the new stadium will go ahead. The construction of the new stadium will be close to the existing Giuseppe Meazza, which is still due to be demolished. 


But the Mayor, Sala yesterday relaunched the possibility of modernizing the San Siro stadium despite the fact that the two clubs are ready for the big jump and there is already a date for the realization.


According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the City of Milan will present the projects for the construction of the new work next week. The stadium will have a capacity of 60,000s,  and will be partially buried to avoid a big impact on the neighborhood. It will be built on the parking area of the existing stadium, for a total cost of €600 million. If everything goes as planned the inauguration of the new stadium will be scheduled for the beginning of the 2023/24 season.


There are many certainties associated with this project and among these is the demolition of the current San Siro Stadium, too close to what the new plant will be and too "cumbersome" to avoid being used. There will be no trace of the old stadium in the new one, not even the name, because the other certainty is that, with the construction of the new Milan and Inter stadium, it will no longer be the Giuseppe Meazza, instead they will seek to earn revenue from a sponsor by allowing them to name it, like other top clubs in Europe, including Juventus.


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