Inter: Icardi case, Marotta vs. Spalletti, Wanda divides the dressing room

11 February at 22:15
The Icardi case is mounting at Inter. There is no other way to call it. Even if Marotta is trying to release the pressure around the Argentinean, the last statements of his agent and wife Wanda Nara and Luciano Spalletti are not helping the situation. Icardi has been failing to find the net in the last seven games in a row.

After the game won against Parma on Saturday, Luciano Spalletti was straightforward: “We have to solve the situation. You [journalists] have already been talking about it for too long. The director have accepted to discuss this and now they have to do it because it’s a situation that needs to be solved”.

A few hours later, Marotta replied to Spalletti in a calmer way: “I’ve already said what I had to. I’ve spoken with Spalletti and the phone and I will do it again today or tomorrow. Both of us are working for Inter’s good, but Icardi is not a case, these are just normal dynamics inside a club”.

In the end, Wanda Nara has also spoken out and his words are not going to be any helpful: “If I have to choose between a new contract and someone who can assist Icardi a bit better, I would prefer someone who can help Mauro”, she said. A declaration that seems something close to dynamite ready to be fired. Icardi is the captain of this team and these sort of words, spoken by his agent, are surely not going to help the group.

Pasquale Guarro, translated and adapted by Lorenzo Bettoni


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