Inter, Lautaro: Action required to avoid Icardi-like scenario

03 December at 21:00
A few days into December which sees a more optimistic Inter compared to last years Christmas period.
Despite it only being the 14th match day of the calendar season, Inter are no doubt enjoying its view from the top, being able to look down on Juventus for the first time in a while. 

Nobody, looking at this Inter's squad in August, would have thought it would be realistic to win 12 games out of 14, with a perfect path for away matches. The praises are constantly made to the coach, which are very well deserved. 

Conte has brought Inter to a higher level of performance and concentration. The Nerazzurri coach has raised the performance of each player over the past year.

The season is only in its infancy, everything is still to be gained but to dream, you know, costs nothing and for now you can enjoy the moment. The skill and merits of Conte do not touch each other, but it must also be emphasized that the Inter coach has in his hands an offensive duo to fear, with record numbers. 

As well as Lukaku, Lautaro is exploding. Last year he made it clear he could be important with flashes of skill and ability, but his season was lived in the shadow of Icardi and his 'case' (via calciomercato). 

The Argentine boy's wings were clipped and consequently delayed his explosion and this did cast some doubt into his future and abilities.

Now we are here talking about a first-rate striker, very young and already decisive for goals, assists and sacrifice on the pitch. His genius is visible but the margins are still very large.  

The problem? That 110 million clause. The same one that happened to have had Mauro Icardi for years. You will remember, every summer the same torment: Icardi goes, Icardi remains, a market conditioned with anxieties and fears of abandonment from the supporters. Here it is: Marotta, Zhang, Ausilio, let us avoid this problem

Zanetti has found a phenomenon in Argentina, and Inter need to protect it. As Marotta said, these assets we do not touch. He is absolutely right. Inter must act quickly to present Lautaro with a new contract, with an astonishing release clause like they do in Spain. 

Inter would be wise to land down this deal while the player is training in Milan and morale is high. Despite being in great form and high spirits, playing with the six-time golden ball winner is the dream of any player. 

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Anthony Privetera


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