Inter, Nainggolan: 'Night clubs and alcohol? I could quit but I wouldn't be myself'

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25 October at 19:45
Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan, on loan from Inter, spoke to Italian media outlet Sport Week via today, discussing his return to the Sardinian club and his unusual pleasures outside of work.
"At Inter, at the beginning I was booed because I was talking about Rome and Roma, which was my home. But I'm not one of those guys who kisses the jersey of the team where they have just arrived. I also came back to Cagliari for my wife: she was born here; she has family and friends here. Here, it's easier for her to fight her illness. Evenings, night clubs, alcohol? If I want, I can give up everything. But I wouldn't be myself.”
The 31-year-old Belgian midfielder re-joined Cagliari from Inter this summer after the Nerazzurri management decided that he didn’t fit their future project at the club. His wife, Claudia, announced in July of this year that she was diagnosed with cancer and has since begun chemotherapy.

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