Inter, Spalletti: 'Icardi will start tomorrow. Marotta's role was decisive'

02 April at 12:30
Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti spoke to the media in the pre-match press conference ahead of his team's match against Genoa tomorrow.

"Genoa-Inter the right occasion to restart? All the games are important from here to the end. With our defeat, the ranking has changed and all the matches are now like a final. Genoa is a team that has done well in all the matches," he said.

"Icardi? He will be called up, Marotta did a decisive job. Icardi alone is worth nothing. If instead, he sweats with the team, then for us he is worth more than Messi and Ronaldo together. This is a story from which we all come out defeated but we have a fixed point from which to start again.

"Now we start from third in the standings with all the potential available and this will allow us to fight for the Champions League. There will be difficulties but if we are all together, everything becomes possible.

"The Curva Sud statement against Icardi? He's training with us and is not sending us social media messages like in the past. He has already reconquered us. Our fans know how to understand the correct signals. We who are professionals must be on the side of Inter. It will be so as long as I am here.

"How to turn the Icardi case into a victory? We have already started off with the last examples. He trained well and sent the right messages. With him we are stronger, for us, he is a player to follow who becomes fundamental.

"The Icardi case is closed. We need to sweat and train, we need the smell of grass and the beauty of football played. Now we are credible and after Sunday's episode, he gave good signals. Fans know how to read the messages.

"Tomorrow he will start. Then we will see if we'll have to take him off. If Icardi said anything to the team? There have been so many steps, now there is a point to be made. He was not called up and paid what he had to pay. Now let's take advantage of Marotta's work, who is becoming fundamental for us," Spalletti concluded.


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