Italy head coach Mancini discusses racism in Serie A

21 September at 11:45
Italy head coach Roberto Mancini has given an interview to the Corriere della Sera, in which he discussed several topics, including racism in Italy, his choices as head coach and the pressures as a coach in Italy.

"​In Italy there is more pressure, the game and its actors are discussed for days and days, in England it is exhausted more quickly. In Turkey and Russia, football is followed, but certainly not like us.

"​In England the tabloids tend to dwell on the private life of the protagonists in sport: but it is not that annoying. Certainly in Italy they talk, write and read about football much more.

"​I don't let anyone influence me. I study, I analyze, I reflect and I decide, because the coach is a single man: I feel the weight of my choices, I know that I will make some players suffer, excluding someone is never easy. Sometimes I already think of the choices for next summer's Euros.

"Racism? ​Stupid people are everywhere, in fact it is not just an Italian problem, but a solution should be found."


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