Italy, Mancini: 'We can already qualify for Euro 2020 next game...'

08 September at 23:20
Italy boss Roberto Mancini spoke to Rai Sport (via after the Finland vs Italy 1-2 game, here is what he had to say on the matter:

"Well we did make some mistakes at times which was our fault but we then found our feet and did well. Changes? When you have many quality options, this is a great problem to have. I wanted to use players who were fit since we knew that Finland was a very good side. Style of play? We want to attack the opposition. By doing this we will leave some space at the back but our back-line has been doing very well. Euro 2020? Yes we can already secure our Euro 2020 qualification next game, I want the fans to show us their passion. We know that we will have to keep improving but we have many young quality players so we are confident that this will happen. Performance? Overall I was very pleased, as I said, it's not easy to play here so we did very well considering". More to come on the matter...

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