Italy, Verratti: 'Excluding Kean and Zaniolo the right choice, Icardi at PSG...'

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03 September at 19:30
26-year-old Italian midfielder Marco Verratti spoke to Rai Sport via today after his club, Paris Saint Germain, acquired the former estranged Inter striker 26-year-old Argentinian forward Mauro Icardi. Verratti has been in the French capital since 2012 and has made 282 appearances so far for the Parisians, scoring 9 and assisting 47 over the last 7 seasons. The player knows the problems faced when switching leagues from Italy and France. He also spoke of the exclusions of Kean and Zaniolo from the national team by coach Roberto Mancini.
The arrival of Mauro Icardi on a one-year loan from Milanese side Inter is one fans have long awaited, due to the players fractured relationship with both club and management, after a highly publicised drama occurred earlier in the year between the player, his wife-agent Wanda Nara and the rest of the Inter squad and management. If the Parisian side are convinced by Icardi at the end of the season, they have the option to buy the striker for €70m.
Here are Verratti’s words to Rai Sports: "Kean and Zaniolo excluded by Mancini for their attitude at the Under-21 European Championship? I think it's the right choice, with social media now for young people... I don't think it's out of punishment but to make them understand that when you're so young you have to do something more than the others. Icardi to PSG? It was a nice surprise, until yesterday I didn't expect it. He'll help us out. We're a good group, but having competition makes a player grow. If you want to win and be competitive in every competition you have to have these players. In the area there aren't many like him, he'll help us, he'll grow us, and he'll grow. Fighting racism and homophobia? You have to stop the games because if you don't, you don't go on. I know it's a big step, but you have to do it because if you don't, there will always be 4-5 fools at the stadium. Lukaku's appeal? He's right, it depends first of all on us players that we can be an image for the little ones and not. We have a great weight, if it starts with us it's an advantage. The words of Galleon? If it was a choice of money I could go first to the PSG. I'm not here for the money, I'm here for the project and because it has ambitions. It's not easy to win here, we can do more in Europe. Being part of a project like this makes me feel alive. I didn't want to be one of many, but one that brought this team as high as possible. When I saw the figures circulating, 80-90 million, I could ask for a much higher contract.”

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