Italy Women, Giugliano: 'We want to show that we deserve equality'

14 October at 20:45
Roma Women midfielder Manuela Giugliano spoke to Italian radio station Radio 2 via today to discuss the growth in women’s football across Italy.
"Here there is no real striker, we all score frequently, and this is our strength. There aren't many teams like us around, Juventus remains the strongest on paper, but in the end, they always decide the pitch. For now I haven't accepted offers from abroad because I don't think it would be right at the moment, I don't think it would be a positive sign for the many girls who have me as an example to see me leave Italy and not helping the Italian growth wouldn’t be nice.”
The 22-year-old Italian further detailed her thoughts on the growth of women’s football in Italy following the Azzurre’s strong performance at this summer’s Women’s World Cup.
“We are a phase of growth, before there were not so many people who came to see us, but now even many girls do and this is really positive. I tell them to believe in their dream and follow the passion that makes you want to reach the top, I think everyone can reach the top with these stimuli. Differences with men? The blows are taken anyway, and the contrasts are the same, but we are not yet professionals, but something is moving, and we want to show on the field that we deserve equality with male colleagues.”
Giugliano was one of the Italy squad that featured in this summer’s Women’s World Cup, Italy’s most successful showing in the competition since 1991, where they also reached the quarterfinals. The success of the Azzurre has led to more across the Italian peninsula following the women’s Serie A league.

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Apollo Heyes


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