Among the champions, Juve have the fifth highest revenue in Europe: the list

15 January at 23:05

According to a new investigation carried out by KPMG, who also released an interesting list with the values of players a while back, Juventus are in fifth place when it comes to operating revenue among the eight teams. 

As expected, Barcelona are on top, with a total of €689m in revenue. Bayern Munich come in at second place, totalling €596m. Man City close the podium with €568m, while PSG are fourth with €542m. 
Juve, on the other hand, are in fifth with €402m. This is a €2m loss compared to last year's numbers. Galatasaray totalled €114m, €8m more than Porto in seventh place. PSV come last with only €62m. 
Take a look at the picture below for a more clear view on the matter, which certainly highlights that it's not only a matter of TV rights and such deals, but also sound management. 


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