Juve-Milan, Rizzoli says Alex Sandro handball is 'difficult to be judged'

08 April at 15:25
Italian chief referee Nicola Rizzoli spoke to media after today’s meeting between Serie A clubs and referees: “Some papers report about the stops of Fabbri and Abisso. It’s not true. It’s about managing people who must be 100% fit and able to do their jobs.

MANDZUKIC VS. ROMAGNOLI – If the referee had judged the conduct of the player as violent e would have sent him off. There are no middle ways like the yellow card. If it was considered as violent conduct, the referee would have given the red card

ABISSO – There is a path were mistakes must be accepted. A rebound does not exclude a handball. It’s an old concept. What we punish is the intention of the defendant and the position of his arm. If it’s wide it doesn’t matter if the ball touches another part of the body after.

ALEX SANDRO – It’s a difficult situation, it’s not a voluntary foul but the player wants to increase the volume of his body. It’s an episode that remains in the grey zone, you need to see if the player wants to create an obstacle.
Longo and Guarro, correspondent in Milan
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