Juve, Nedved: 'We do not fear a Cristiano Ronaldo suspension. The future of Allegri? We'll see in June

15 March at 12:46

Juventus against Ajax in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved comments on the draw for Sky Sport: "I am neither happy nor unhappy, I think they will be great games. Ajax have shown that they can stand, they put out Real Madrid and it's not a joke so we'll have to be very careful. 


What did I understand after Atletico Madrid? On the guys who earned and deserved the quarter-finals, it's a wonderful thing for them and for all the fans: we'll have to face the quarters with great enthusiasm.


Cristiano Ronaldo at risk of suspension? We do not fear it, it was a gesture that shows his strength. The emotions that are on the field must remain there, he has vented after having been insulted so much in Madrid and even in our house. I understand, I don't think there will be sanctions.


 Stadium effect? ​​There, we feel very good at home with our fans. We saw that the boys put everything on the pitch, it's too good to live these evenings.


What did the two games teach with Atletico? We played a normal game in Madrid and took two goals on set pieces, we felt we hadn't made Juventus. Instead at home we did Juventus properly: the boys were concentrated and before the game we were very quiet, we felt we were going to do something big. 


Will we do everything to keep Allegri? We have taken steps that we do every year, that is, the president met with the coach in March, said things to each other and moved the decision to June. I think we must be happy with our coach, what he is doing in the championship is something that has never happened before. And in the Champions League we are where we wanted to be."


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