Juve ponder a Dybala - Coutinho swap?

Juve ponder a Dybala - Coutinho swap?
2019-02-04 - 17:30
Barcalona are thinking of the possibility of taking Paulo Dybala to Spain to replace Philippe Coutinho, who would go in the other direction.
Coutinho has explicitly asked to leave Barcelona and said so recently, "I think about leaving the club, I know it's a difficult decision, but it can be the best for my career".
Today it is estimated that Coutinho’s price tag would be around 150 million euros, slightly less than the amount paid to Liverpool for the Brazilian, however before his arrival would be the small matter of Dybala to sort out.
Dybala also has a great desire to leave because he believes that with Cristiano Ronaldo his game time must be sacrificed. Juventus paid 40 million for the player that today it is worth 130, money that could be reinvested into the Brazilian.
However, it is not that simple, the first concerns are the differences in valuation, it would be unlikely to be an equal exchange and in any case for budgetary reasons the two operations must be separated.
Next is the wages. Dybala earns 7.5 million and is largely within the Barça wage policy. Coutinho instead earns 13.5 million per season and does not fit in Juventus wage range which.
Then there is competition. Three other great European football clubs all chase the ex-Inter player. Chelsea (as a substitute for Hazard if UEFA were to reopen the possibility of operating in the market for the Blues), Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United.
The frictions between Dybala and Lionel Messi seem to be gone, although the problem remains that Dybala and Messi occupy the same areas of the pitch, thus it could mean a positional shift for one of them, should Barca decide to snap up Messi’s compatriot.