Juventus, 12 top ultras arrested in criminal raids

16 September at 09:15
12 Juventus ultras have been arrested as part of an investigation headed by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s office yesterday, with the majority of those arrested either leaders or main contracts of the ultra-groups, according to Calciomercato.com.
The accusations against the ultras are for criminal activities such as aggravated extortion, money laundering and private violence. There are multiple searches currently underway in various Italian cities apart from Turin.
The investigation involves all the principle ultra-groups of the Bianconeri such as 'Drughi', 'Tradizione-Antichi valori', 'Viking', 'Nucleo 1985' and 'Quelli... di via Filadelfia'.
As of this morning, 39 searches are currently underway in cities such as Milan, Genoa, Florence and Bergamo, amongst others, against 37 other members of the groups.
This comes after the raid earlier in the summer against the ultra-group ‘Drughi Giovinezza’ which saw multiple machine guns and other assault weapons confiscated alongside neo-Nazi material, including a military grade rocket launcher recently used by Qatar’s armed forces.

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Apollo Heyes


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