Juventus, Agnelli becomes Torinese of the Year 2018

10 November at 13:20
Juve-Milan play this evening, but for the Bianconeri, the day has already begun with a prize for the president, Andrea Agnelli, for 'Torinese of the year in 2018. The prize is awarded by Turin Chamber of Commerce as part of the 'Fidelity to the Work and for the Economic Progress' awards. 

The Juventus president says in a statement released by the Bianconeri: I want to thank you all for having honored me with this recognition, but I firmly believe that it is not the individual, but the group that makes the difference.

Without the passion, the strategic plans and the investments started in 2010, Juventus would now just be one of the many Turin excellences. Today, on the other hand, it is a leading company at the European level, which in recent years has gone from 250 people employed, between members and non-members, to almost 800, with a significant social/occupational impact on our territory. We are an industrial reality, in the modern sense of the term, which has attracted over 350 million investments in Turin, to redevelop and change a part of the Turin area. We are a recognized and recognizable all over the world.

And, as has happened to so many other excellences in the territory, such as Artissima or the Reggia di Venaria, this has been possible by identifying and pursuing priorities, which means deciding and not immediately satisfying all stakeholders; but if the identified priorities are to lead, often those who show discontent today will have to think again tomorrow, because growth and development will be guaranteed and will benefit everyone.

Turin and the people of Turin know how to proceed by priority, they only need to remember it. And today this award does not go to a single person, but to a group that has been able to decide based on priorities.
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