Juventus, Allegri: ‘Ronaldo is decisive, Milan played a good game’

Juventus, Allegri: ‘Ronaldo is decisive, Milan played a good game’
2019-16-01 - 23:40
Juventus won the Supercoppa Italiana this evening with a 1-0 win over AC Milan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Speaking to Rai Sport after the game, Juve boss Max Allegri spoke about the match:
“It was a fun game, with lots of chances, we played a good Milan that made it difficult, but we could close it, it was very fiesty and it was the second game after the break. Ultimately, we won it.”
"Ronaldo? Cristiano is decisive, we took him for this, he's the best and he scored goals, even before Pjanic had made a chance for him.
“The match? We took three man-to-man rebounds, we had to spread out and take the ball to their area, they left, without creating anything dangerous but running backwards is not the best.
“Douglas Costa? He only had cramps but he did well, like everyone else. He has great spirit, like the whole team, even Bernardeschi and Khedira have entered the game well and with desire, especially Sami who has had two entries not awarded. so much for the future.”
“Dybala did well between the lines, he gave us a hand, they closed him down on the shot and on the disallowed goal he made a great play.”
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