Juventus, Bernardeschi: 'Important to stay at home, I wish I could have played with Baggio'

30 March at 17:45
Juventus forward Federico Bernardeschi discussed the ongoing Coronavirus emergency and personal interests in an interview with Francesca Michielin on ‘A casa con la Juve.’ His words were noted by Italian media outlet Calciomercato.com.
First, the 26-year-old discussed the current situation in Italy.
"I'm very well, although a little suffering like everyone else. Because this situation has taken us far away from everyday life. Being at home is right and we must do it, let’s try to enjoy these moments with our families.”
The former Fiorentina forward touched on how he is passing the time at home.
“Surely a bit of training is good for you, it helps to unload a bit and not to think about health, I must guarantee that the more you train the more you want to do it.”
Bernardeschi spoke about some important times in his life so far.
"I danced with the Maasai, I was on safari in Africa, it was a touching moment, they took me into their culture, beautiful. I cried with joy for the birth of my daughter, I don't talk about it often but I have to say that that emotion is so great that I find it hard to express it, I'm still moved because when I heard her cry for the first time it's as if my whole heart opened up, I started crying and it was the strongest emotion of my whole life, I immediately felt a feeling of protection as if I had always had to be there from that cry and it's always like that.”
The 26-year-old highlighted some former players that he wishes that he could have played with.
“I wanted to play with Boniperti, Roberto Baggio and Zidane.”
The Juventus forward recounted a practical joke he once played on his friends.
"I tell it but it's not nice to copy. I used to have a house with windows overlooking the garden, I was watching a horror movie with my friends. I pretended to go to the bathroom, but instead I went to my room, I dressed in black and put on my stockings, I took a knife and passed by the garden. I started knocking with the knife on the glass... you can't understand what happened in the house, everyone went crazy.”
Bernardeschi highlighted individuals that mean a lot to him from all different walks of life.
“Historical character? I'd take Nelson Mandela. Sportsman? Roger Federer, because for me he's a legend, for style, elegance, humanity, everything he's done on a sporting and human level. Actress? Angelina Jolie. Singer? Jimi Hendrix. Band? Nirvana. TV personality? Maria De Filippi. Comedian? Roberto Benigni. Juve legend? The lawyer Agnelli.”
He revealed how he reacted when Juventus called him to discuss a deal.
"How did I react when Juve called me? I'd say well... and I believe you!”
Finally, Bernardeschi spoke about his favourite dish.
“My favourite dish, I hardly ever eat it because I can't, it's cacio e pepe.”
Bernardeschi, who is contracted to the Bianconeri until 2022, has made 24 appearances across all competitions so far this season, for a total of 1076 minutes.

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