Juventus, Bonucci: 'We feel strong in the Champions League'

01 November at 13:40
Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci discussed coach Maurizio Sarri, Matthijs de Ligt and the Champions League when speaking to Italian newspaper La Stampa via Calciomercato.com today.
"Sarri? I didn't believe it until I saw him coming. We knew that with him we were changing the way we interpret the matches: we're doing it, but it's still all to be written and we want the year to become historic. The goal is to win, doing it with good football. If we need a dirty game, we can do it.”
He then touched on the former Ajax defender De Ligt, who joined the Bianconeri this summer.
"I told him to stay calm: we've all been there in these moments; I also came back last year... He's the defender of the future: he has to get into the mechanisms and it's not easy, because since he was a kid, he's been used to playing man against man.”
Finally, Bonucci touched on Europe’s most prestigious club competition, the Champions League.
"There's a different awareness: we want to take to the pitch and be the masters of the game. In past years we struggled to impose ourselves in the Champions League, but now there's more security. We feel strong, but we must not fall into the trap of presumption.”
The Bianconeri are currently top of their group in the Champions League after three games, winning two and drawing the first game against Spanish side Atletico Madrid. In the league they are top of the league table after ten games, only one point ahead of rivals Inter.

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Apollo Heyes
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