Juventus, Buffon's Agent: "He has the reflexes and muscles of a 20-year-old"

21 October at 14:45
Juventus legend Gianluigi Buffon’s agent, Silvano Martina, spoke to Italian media outlet Radio Punto Nuovo via Calciomercato.com today, discussing the 41-year-old Italian and his performances so far this season.
"Buffon's saves? Mother nature has given him qualities that he has maintained over the years. He's lucky enough to have the reflexes and muscles of a 20-year-old and he's able to have great performances. He's a goalkeeper in position and over the years this helps you, he always understands a second before the action how it ends.”
The agent also discussed his mentality.
"He’s definitely different from the others. I remember meeting a great trainer, he told me that it is difficult for a human being to make the sacrifices that he has made. He hasn't retired because he has so much desire. He doesn't want to stop this year either, if he feels like it, he will go on until he's 50.”
The Italian shot stopper’s agent also touched on his incredible save against Bologna in the dying minutes of their league clash last weekend.
“He was very happy with the save at 93 minutes, it was a great save at the right time. Action? He's always looking for the ball, he's always with his feet on the ground. It's really hard to catch him on the run. Gigi is one who has anticipated the times, he was already playing at the highest level.”
Finally, Martina discussed his future once he has retired from playing.
“He can do everything in and out of football. He knows how to relate to everyone, he is intelligent, he can do anything.”
Buffon re-joined the Bianconeri this season after spending one season in France with Parisian side Paris Saint Germain, where he made 25 appearances across all competitions. So far this season the 41-year-old Italian has made three appearances for the Bianconeri, keeping one clean sheet.

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