Juventus, Chiellini: 'Everything is going well, I'm running again'

03 December at 15:30
Juventus defender and captain Giorgio Chiellini discussed the Bianconeri’s season last year in an interview with Italian media outlet JTV via Calciomercato.com today.
“It was another great season, made by heroes, led from beginning to end with arrogance and superiority, especially in the continuity that we had. If I have to remember last season, I'm thinking of a November and December where we really made the difference and where our opponents with a difficult calendar were waiting for our mistakes, instead we had the mental strength to hold on and have incredible results and the points we earnt until the middle of the season, until we were almost certain of victory were impressive.”
The 35-year-old Italian defender then touched on his physical condition and how his recovery is going.
“How's it going? Well, well, I'm running again. Everything is going well, I'm dedicating myself a lot. But I really have a staff that supports me, supports me, helps me, I'm really the best I could have.”
The Bianconeri captain, whose contract expires with Juventus next June, scored the winning goal for the Bianconeri in their season opener against Parma. However, he then suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in training that has kept him out of every other game this season.

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Apollo Heyes


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