Juventus, Chiellini: 'I was an AC Milan fan as a kid but then I grew up...'

11 November at 19:00
Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini answered questions from young fans at a press conference today, with Italian media outlet TuttoJuve.com via Calciomercato.com reporting his words.
He touched on the risk you take attempting to playing in the Italian topflight.
"Unfortunately, you don't have the certainty of arriving in Serie A. You start playing then you don't know where you're going. You understand that you're good at it, but then you have to get better and better. A sacrifice I suffered a bit was when I was a teenager, when my friends went out and I was already training with Livorno. I was a bit sorry about that, and the worst thing was the journey after graduation. My friends had all gone on the road together and I was training instead.”
The Bianconeri captain revealed what makes him scared.
"Every game, but you have to turn fear into something positive. If you're not afraid, you're a little unconscious. A little fear is positive, because it allows you to be concentrated and perform better. Luckily, fear passes, and you do what you do best. Now that I'm older it's easier, when I was young, I used to let it out with a few too many fouls, now I manage the emotion better and I'm more relaxed even on the pitch.”
Chiellini revealed he support AC Milan as a kid and who his favourite player was.
"I was a fan of Milan, unfortunately, but then I improved, growing up I became more intelligent. And Maldini was my favourite. I have a twin brother; he was for Juventus and I couldn't support the same as him. He was for Juve and he was from Milan, you can imagine when at the age of 20 how happy my brother was when Juve bought me. And since I've been here it's been love and now, I think it's hard to find someone more Juventus than me on earth.”
Finally, Chiellini spoke about how it feels to hear the Champions League anthem ahead of a game.
"The anthem of the Champions League is adrenaline-pumping. It's the last moment before you enter the pitch. It's a beautiful emotion and it activates you, but the most beautiful anthem is when there's the national team anthem. They put in the Juve anthem before we go out on the pitch, and they sing the national anthem on the pitch.”

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Apollo Heyes


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