Juventus, former midfielder Marchisio robbed by gun wielding thieves last night

30 October at 10:30
Former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio was faced with four-gun wielding robbers at his home last night, who took money and jewellery from the 33-year-old and his wife, Roberta, according to today’s paper edition of the Italian newspaper La Stampa via Calciomercato.com.
The report details how in the residential area of Vinovo in Turin, shortly after 9:30pm four men arrived at the former Juventus star’s property and held him at gunpoint, forcing him to give up his valuables. Marchisio then gave the thieves the requested money and jewellery. The couple were heading towards the Bianconeri’s youth academy at the time, before they were held up by the thieves, who requested they return home and hand over their valuables.
The report adds that Marchisio later reported the experience to the local Carabinieri. The four bandits, who escaped by car, have little identifying information due to their disguises, whoever it is assumed that they are Italian, due to their interaction with the former Italian midfielder.

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Apollo Heyes


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