Juventus ultras protest: 'Agnelli worm', 'incompetent management'

09 March at 19:30
​Juventus are preparing to face Atletico Madrid, but the dispute outside the field - precisely in the stands - doesn't stop, far from it. This morning, the Curva Sud had written messages on walls, protesting against the club and Agnelli. 
The Curva Sud are on strike for the high ticket prices, unhappy with the raise that Juventus have imposed. Last night, during the game against Udinese, the Curva Sud jeered the rest of the fans when they sang 'Juve are us', so the environment between the fans is far from good. 
On walls near the Allianz Stadium, the Curva Sud wrote several messages directed towards the management and the fans, including 'Juventus management vile', 'Agnelli worm', 'a bunch of puppets, slaves of Agnelli'. Not a good situation for the club, in other words, as the fans are crucial. 

​Check out our gallery to see the pictures. 


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