Lazio, Gascoigne gives his defence in court, describes assault as 'small kiss'

Paul Gascoigne
16 October at 13:45
Former Lazio and Tottenham star Paul Gascoigne has given his defence in court following the sexual assault allegations placed against him, according to
The 52-year-old Englishman described the incident as a "a little kiss”. His defence was that he received a request from the woman to pose in a photo together, before he heard someone shout “Don't take a picture with her, she's ugly and fat!”. He then suggested that he felt guilty for the woman, saying that “I was called a fat bastard every time I played.” He then detailed how he turned to the woman, telling her that she was “beautiful inside and not fat” before giving her the “little kiss”.
The prosecution denies this is the case, suggesting that a drunk Gascoigne gave the woman a “sloppy kiss” before following her through the train, trying to sit on her and then attempting to kiss her again.
Gascoigne broke down in court yesterday, with his defence lawyer giving character references describing him as a friendly person.

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