Lazio, Inzaghi: ‘SMS is smart; knows he must do more’

07 December at 16:00
On the eve of Lazio’s clash with Sampdoria, Biancocelesti head coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to the media at his usual press conference ahead of the match, giving answers to a range of topics – including that of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, the Juve-Barca-PSG-linked Serbian who almost left Rome during the summer but ultimately remained.
“On the UCL target? It must not be an obsession, as the director said yesterday, but we come from two fifths, unfortunately, we know what our goals are but we have to live all the more quietly.
“The retreat? We made videos, important training, analysis, it was not a punishment, I repeat, but some things we did not like in the last few weeks, we had time to be together and work on our certainties and I found great willingness to a mature group in a demanding square.
“Injuries? We will have the training today and tomorrow morning, but Marusic certainly will not be there, Leiva is partially back in the group but I'm not convinced of his call, probably will not play, we will have many close matches.
“Milinkovic-Savic? I am proud to have him and to train him, Lazio is growing and keeping pace, there are six teams in Europe, none of them have gone through with two rounds in advance, apart from Juve they will all play the qualification. He was used to 13 goals and assists, he's smart, he knows he has to do more like all his teammates.
Sampdoria? Sampdoria is a very organized team, is back to winning and will come to Rome to play the game, we want to continue like this and improve our ranking.”
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